Wednesdays during the Summer

12:00pm at P.K. Vyas Park

We have the privilege of helping feed 50 students from Benson Elementary School each week during the school year through our Backpack Buddies program, but once school’s out, we can’t pack another bag until September.

That’s why, during the summer, we have Lunch on the Lawn, a meal service ministry where we provide a lunch to children (and adults) in the Benson community who could use something to eat.

This is the second year of our ministry, and it’s already growing. We’ve decided to move the lunch location from the church lawn to the the soccer field at P. K. Vyas Park so we can have more space, and we’re getting meal assistance from Johnston County Schools, who will meet us at the park each week with hot lunches for the kids (we’ll also have some pre-packaged bag lunches for those present who are ineligible to receive Johnston County Schools food).

Our hope is that this weekly event can do much more than fill stomachs—we want it to build community. So if you get the chance one Wednesday between June 17 and August 19, make plans to join us at the park. There’ll be plenty of food, lots of fun, and more than a few new friends just waiting to meet you.

Here’s how you can help:

Serve on the Food Team
The food team will gather each Wednesday at 10:30am at the church to prepare bag lunches and coolers for those present at the park who do not qualify to receive Johnston County Schools lunch.  Once the meals are prepared, this team will transport the food to the park.

Serve on the Park Team
The park team will lead games, oversee the feeding process, and interact with the children and adults present.  The Park Team will also make sure the field gets cleaned up after lunch is over.