Sunday, July 26 – Thursday, July 30

6:00pm – 9:00pm (5:00pm – 8:00pm on Sunday)

nazarethvbsThis summer, hear stories about Jesus’ childhood from the best source of all…his mom, Mary!

Everyone knows what it’s like to hear your mom tell stories from your childhood. Can you imagine the kinds of stories Mary could tell? Join us for Bible school this year, where we’ll travel back to Hometown Nazareth and kids will learn to stand up for their faith among people who doubt that the carpenter’s son is really God’s son.

Nightly Schedule

(times are one hour earlier on Sunday)
6:00 – Dinner and Game
6:30 – Opening Celebration
6:45 – Hometown Huddle
7:00 – Centers
Mary’s House (Bible Lesson)
Fun and Games (Recreation)
Marketplace (Visiting Merchants in Fellowship Hall)
8:30 – Hometown Huddle
8:45 – Closing Celebration


Sign your child up now!

We always appreciate pre-registration, as it gives us a better idea of how many people to expect. To register your child, simply call Debbie at the church office (919-894-4777).


How YOU can help

Wvbssheepith so many exciting elements to this year’s theme, we’re gonna need lots of adult help!
Here are some of the areas where you can serve:

Tribe Leader—guides each group from place to place and helps students unpack the Bible truths they’re learning

Game Leader—leads short game after dinner and the recreation time each night

Marketplace Merchant—oversees a shop in the marketplace; merchants have special activities and objects that students can spend their shekels enjoying

Registration Helper—registers participants and signs students in each night

Decoration Helper—helps set up the Fellowship Hall and turn the rest of the church into an ancient Nazarene village

Meal Provider—individuals or Sunday school classes who supply one of the evening meals

Kitchen Helper—assist with preparing nightly meals and food cleanup

To help in any way, contact Paul or Tyler!