We’re excited to announce Some Changes are coming to our Nursery and Children spaces at BBC!

A Divided Nursery: The nursery has now been divided into two rooms, one-side for older children and one for infants and toddlers. There are now two doors being used for the room. This dividing of the room will ensure that children of all ages are able to enjoy a fun and safe time in the nursery, no matter how big or small they may be! Parents are invited to drop their children off at the nursery after 8:30am on Sundays, and after dinner on Wednesdays.

Nursing Room: The nursing room has been updated and is open for parents of our youngest friends to use throughout any church event. There is a changing table in the room (there is also one in the bathroom next to the nursing room), as well as a crib and rocking chairs.

New Nursery Staff: Kate Crowe has joined our staff as the nursery coordinator. Kate is a student at CCCC/Campbell University working on her Masters of Clinical Research. She has her Basic Life Support Provider certification (which includes CPR for children and infants). She will be present in the nursery on Sundays (8:30am-12pm) and Wednesdays (6:15pm-7:30pm).

Updates to Children’s Sunday School Spaces: Over the next few weeks, the children’s Sunday School classes (Education Wing, 2nd floor) will be getting a face-lift. Once things are done, the children will have two spaces for Sunday School. For now, all children will meet in the current classroom (first door on the right across from the choir room). Parents, look for an email from Joanna for more information!

CHANGE to Sunday Escorting of Children: On Sundays, children will now be escorted from their Sunday School class to the nursery at 10:50. Parents are invited to pick their children up at the nursery after the Sunday School hour, if they are not attending the 11am service. For parents who attend the 11am service, the nursery is available for infants – kindergarteners.