For our first blog post we interviewed 6-year-old Devon Powers about his life at home over the last few weeks. Like other kids, he’s currently doing school from home and staying inside with his family. Here’s what that’s been like for him:


What’s your favorite part of being of home all day?

I get to watch TV all day AND I like playing basketball outside when it is warm!


What do you miss the most about going to school?

Seeing my teachers and friends because they are fun.


What do you think about being home with your (16 year old) brother all day?

Kinda boring because we argue with each other.


What do you argue about?



What are you worried about the most right now?



What makes you the happiest right now?

Playing basketball in my Uncle Daniel’s room!


What TV shows have you been watching while at home?

I watch a lot of stuff: Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Stretch Armstrong, Robo Zuna, Scooby Doo, Pokemon, Dragons: Rescue Riders and Stone Age: The Legendary Pet (all on Netflix).


What movies have you watched?

Moana, Space Jam, Frozen II, How to Train Your Dragon 3 (my favorite!)


Do you like doing school work at home?

Yes, yes, yes!


Favorite meal we’ve had at home so far?

Pizza… we’ve had that a lot… I had two slices one night and then I had three slices!


What have you learned about God at home this week?

That God makes the world.


What would you tell everyone out there staying in their houses?

Hmmm…. I do not know what I would say because I don’t.


**NOTE: We had to cut the interview short because he had to go do school work on the computer!


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