One of the things that has struck me over the last few weeks is the faithfulness of God in the story of Scripture.

As I’ve looked out into the world around me I’ve seen many voices feeling abandoned by God in the midst of the things that have been happening in our nation and world. As many journey through valleys of shadow, we have felt that there could not possibly be light ahead and we react out of fear in ways that we would have never done so just a few months ago.

Throughout scripture people and communities face much darker times than anything we’ve experienced in recent months. In those moments they, too, cry out in anguish, turn on one another, and just ask God to come and end it all out of their frustration. In each case, God responds with a voice reminding them that they have not been abandoned and a promise that light will come if they just keep holding fast to the redemption that always comes with the dawn of the horizon ahead.

Friends, we are journeying in a time darkness. It’s easy to give in to our fears, divisions, and anxiety. It’s easy to point fingers at the ‘other,’ feel that all hope is lost, or feel the world is at its final chapter. The reality is that God calls to those in Scripture, and to us, to see that there is always more on the horizon. There is always hope if we don’t let go. As people who journey with God, we cannot give in to the darkness. We have to hold fast to the promise that there is more ahead. We have to continue to be people of light, love, and grace in a world that feels more hopeless than not.

Everything we are experiencing has visited our world before. Our reality is unique in its setting, but repetitive in its existence. As those pilgrims who journeyed in this valley before us, we must hold on to the promise that there is more coming. We MUST be a voice of light moving forward. If not, then, what is the point of claiming to be that voice in other times?

God is not testing our faith, but our faith certainly is being put to the test as everything we’ve ever claimed about faith is being held to account. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep walking ahead, friends. Our world has been here many times before and our God has been faithful to journey with us each time. We will come out on the other side of this, as people have so many times before. We must hold on to hope and be people if light. The world needs us.

“Thus says the LORD: maintain justice, and do what is right, for soon my salvation will come, and my deliverance be revealed.” – Isaiah 56:1