Thank you for your support, prayers, meals, and encouragement over the last week! When I took my brother to the Emergency Room last week we could never have imagined what would be next on that journey for him. We thought he would be home later that night, not on an ambulance to Duke at 5AM the next morning.

If this is new information for you, my youngest brother has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He is currently at Duke Hospital in Durham where he will be for at least a month while receiving initial treatment.

Last night, I sat in our sanctuary praying for Daniel and looked up at the stained glass windows that so many BBCers have sat under for over one-hundred years. Most of the time, we look up at beautiful, colorful, and bright windows as they are lit by the outside sun. At night, however, the windows are dark on the inside. Jesus, holding the lamb or praying in the garden, in cast in shadow rather than light.

As I sat and looked at those windows it struck me that we often miss the reminder that, while being the light of the world, Jesus still knows the full depths of darkness. He is not a stranger to the dark night of our souls and sits with us in those dark moments too.

2020 has been a tough year for many of us. For others, the events of 2020 has just added to ones that we were already experiencing. In this, the past few months have been crippling. We’ve sat praying in the dark gardens of our souls and felt alone in them. Yet, the reminder of Jesus’ life and ministry is that he is not just a presence in light, but also one that journeys with us in the crippling darkness.

As you move forward this week, I hope that we find ways to know that it is not sinful to sit in the darkness. Jesus does not abandon us there –– he sits with us in it. If you find yourself in the darkness, sit for a while if that’s what you need to do. Know that Jesus sits right beside you, a guiding presence –– but not one forcing you out of the darkness. For Jesus knows that, sometimes, we have to walk out of it ourselves.

You are not alone.

Thankful to journey with you all,