Read: Luke 2:16-20

Well, you did it! You made it to Christmas Day and I hope that you’ve already taken time to pause, reflect, and meditate on what the birth of Jesus means for your life and the world around us.

As you read the verse from Luke 2 for today, take a few moments to think through the journey of Advent that you’ve been on from November 29 to today. I hope that you’ve had a journey that has brought you closer to the baby in the manger. I hope that you’ve had moments of peace, hope, joy, and love as you’ve journeyed to this Christmas Day. I hope that the light of Christ has drive you to keep moving forward, to seeing that there is still always more on the horizon.

As the shepherds arrive at the manger, they find all of the promises heralded to them in the fields to be true. The best part? The Messiah is not up in a palace where they could never have found him. He is not being protected by armed guards, nor being attended to by the best medical staff of the day. No, the Messiah they find is a vulnerable baby, squirming in a feeding troth. The even better part? He looks like THEM! He’s not wrapped in fancy silk, or bathed sparkling clean. He is wrapped in simple cloth and surrounded by animals.

They find Jesus in a place of simplicity, where his connection to them and their lives runs deep.

On this Christmas, it is my prayer that you find that same Jesus in your life. Not a Jesus who is too far away to be accessed, nor a Jesus who has been so elevated beyond the manger that he looks nothing like us. Today, I hope you find a Jesus that is close. I hope you find a Jesus that didn’t just come to earth, but came to be one of us. I hope you find a Jesus whose light envelops you in such a way that you can’t help but feel his warmth and share it with those around you.

Friends, wherever you are today, I hope you’ll treasure the journey you’ve been on –– just like Mary does in our passage. I hope you’ll know that the one toward whom you’ve journeyed is with you, loves you, and is calling you to more in this life.

Merry Christmas!