What We Believe

We believe in one triune God,

Who created all things good;
Who longs for a personal relationship with each human being;
Who values the least, last, outcast, and forsaken;
Who hurts when we turn away from others;
Who laments our sin;
Who calls us back when we have turned away;
Who greets us like a parent sprinting toward a wayward child.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God,

Who is our truest expression of God’s love;
Who is the clearest picture of a life that pleases God;
Who had compassion on the weak and the lost;
Who challenged and called all to a faithful way of life;
Who bridges the gap that our sin creates between us and God.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,

Who calls us into Christ’s body;
Who prompts and leads us into right and holy paths;
Who uplifts us that we might show forth hope to a troubled world.

We believe in one holy Church,

Where people are joined with Christ’s “called out ones” in this world;
Where we find the good news of Christ proclaimed;
Where we are fed on the holy Word of God;
Where our lives find hope, promise, and purpose;
Where we unite in Christ’s name in serving God’s creation.

We believe in the Bible, God’s written word,

Which is a living, dynamic document and breathes with God’s breath;
Which provides a divinely inspired record of God’s self-revelation to humanity;
Which points to Christ as the pinnacle of that revelation;
Which holds life and truth for those who read it today;
Which humans are called and competent to interpret on our own, using Christ as our lens and the Holy Spirit as our guide.