quarterly2At Benson Baptist, Sunday School is a central piece of our vision to connect with God, each other, and the world. Through focused time on Bible study and discipleship, we connect to God. Through spiritual discussion and socialization we connect with each other. And through embracing opportunities to serve God outside of the church walls, we connect to the world. All of that connecting makes our Sunday School classrooms pretty exciting places—the only thing they’re missing is you!


Learn more about Sunday School for your age group by exploring the classes below:




Location: Upstairs in the first classroom of the education wing (across from the choir room).

Gender: Mixed




Location: Bottom floor in the youth room.

Gender: Mixed


Young Adult

Location: Upstairs in the middle classroom of the education wing.

Gender: Mixed


What members say: The YAMS class offers a tremendous opportunity for people on the front-end of adulthood to journey together in connecting to God, each other, and the world. We’re more than a class; we’re a collection of friends, fellow pilgrims sharing life with one another as we travel the path of faith.




Class name: Cornerstone

Location: Fellowship Hall

Gender: Mixed


What members say: We love the eclectic nature of our class. On an average Sunday, we can have people aged anywhere from their 30s to their 80s; we have males and females, marrieds and singles, theologically conservatives and theologically not-so-conservatives. We value the contributions and journeys of every member, knowing that through each of our experiences, God can make all of us stronger.



Class name: Friends Bible Class

Location: Upstairs, first room on right when coming up sanctuary stairwell

Gender: Mixed


What members say: We are a class that’s true to our name. Individually, we’re all sorts of people—we’re singles and couples, widows and widowers, workin’ folk and retirees. But through the love of Christ which brings us together, we’re so much more than the sum of our parts—we’re fellow pilgrims on the journey; we’re brothers and sisters in faith; we are, in a word, friends!



Older Adult


Class name: Sue Price/Fidelis

Location: Classroom on the back right side of the sanctuary

Gender: Female


What members say: Each Sunday when we gather, it’s more than just a class—it’s a blessed time of fellowship. Not only does each participant grow individually in her own faith, but we all grow together in our collective faith as we share with one another the joys and sorrows along life’s journey.



Class name: Baraka

Taught by: Don Johnson

Material used: Uniform (published by NextSunday Resources)

Location: Classroom on the back left side of the sanctuary

Gender: Male


What members say: We enjoy the opportunity this class offers for genuine fellowship with one another. Our time together is relaxed and comfortable, which creates an environment that facilitates organic spiritual conversation.