We are people whom Christ has set free. We belong, not to ourselves, but to Him. We are God’s people. We praise Him “who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood.”

Being led, as we believe by the Holy Spirit, and in order to use our freedom responsibly, we do most solemnly enter into covenant with one another and under God. We shall make over and over again the earliest Christian confession: Jesus is Lord. We shall be faithful in prayer, in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, in the study of God’s Word, the practice of Christian stewardship, and the nurturing of the Christian fellowship. We shall love, affirm, and pray for one another. There will be no inferior person among us and no friendless person in our midst. We want the doors of our church to be as wide as the love of Christ. 

We shall be especially concerned about our families: that they be Christian, that a faithful love exists between husband and wife, and that our children be wanted, loved, and cared for.

Knowing that we are dependent on the Church, which is the body of Christ the way the hand depends on the physical body, we promise to be vitally connected with our church here and wherever we may live.

With the benediction on Sunday, we shall not leave the Church within these sacred walls. We shall be the Church in the world! We shall go, all of us, into the world as ministers of Christ. We shall reach across barriers, keep open communication, and care for people the way Christ has cared for us. We shall seek economic fairness so that the good life will be within the reach of everyone. We shall seek to overcome racial prejudice and all conditions that demean and cheapen human life. We shall abstain from the improper use of alcohol and other drugs while being concerned about those who are victims of any addiction. We who have been so richly blessed will share our affluence with the poor, hungry, and starving of our world. We shall be the careful keepers of the good earth, passing it unspoiled to those who will come after us. We shall say and do those things that make for peace in the world. 

We commit to live in such a way that people can see Jesus Christ in us, recognizing him as the One who loves them, would save them, and also desires to live in their lives.