Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Interim Pastor

We at Benson Baptist are in a transition as we embark on the search for our next pastor.  We are in anticipation as we seek out that person who God has prepared to serve this church. As we conduct our pastor search, we are blessed to have Dr. Andrew Wakefield serve as our interim pastor.

Dr. Wakefield was named Dean of Campbell University Divinity School in July 2010. Dean Wakefield also teaches New Testament Greek, New Testament survey courses, and courses on the writings of the New Testament. His doctoral dissertation, Where to Live: The Hermeneutical Significance of Paul’s Citations from Scripture in Galatians 3: 1-14, was published by Brill Academic Publisher and the Society of Biblical Literature. Dean Wakefield has completed a textbook for the study of New Testament Greek and is writing a commentary on the book of Galatians.

He has served as an interim pastor, preacher, and guest teacher in many North Carolina Baptist Churches. Dr. Wakefield’s hobbies include woodworking, computers, fishing, metalworking, and cooking. He and his wife, Olivia, have two children.