Serving Benson, and beyond, since 1887

A Short History of the Church

Benson Baptist Church began its journey as a community of faith on January 24, 1887. On that day in the Rising Sun School, the church was organized by four ministers: J.L. Ennis, Allen Betts, J.M. Holleman and A.N. Campbell.  Services were scheduled for the fourth Sunday of each month. Initially known as Bethany Baptist Church, the name was changed to reflect the growing community around it and Bethany Baptist Church became Benson Baptist Church.

Two well – known pastors formed a father-son combination in the 1890’s.  Mr. A.N. Campbell, who served the church from 1893-96, was succeeded by his son, Mr. J.A. Campbell, who served as pastor during 1896-99.  The younger Campbell is best known for his work in establishing Buies Creek Academy, now Campbell University, an outstanding institution located in nearby Buies Creek. 

The sanctuary, modern and advanced for its day, stood as a symbol of the congregation’s willingness to sacrifice for the glory and worship of God and was opened in 1914. The educaiton building was dedicated on February 28, 1960.  

A dedication service for the new Fellowship Hall wing of Benson Baptist Church and its addition and renovation was held on November 19, 2006. 

Benson Baptist Church Pastors (1887-Present):

J. L. Ennis 1887

Allen Betts   1888-89

J. M. Holleman 1890-93

A. N. Campbell 1893-96

J. A. Campbell 1896-99

J. J. Adams 1900-

J. M. Suttle 1900-06

D. F. Putnam 1907-09

T. B. Justice 1909-10

E. J. Rogers 1911-12

John M. Duncan 1912-16

G. W. Rollins 1917-19

C. C. Wheeler 1920-23

O. A. Keller 1923-26

A. L. Benton 1926-27

J. E. Kirk 1927-29

A. L. Brown 1929-34

Forrest L. Young 1934-43

Ernest Y. Averett 1943-45

Thurman B. Stone 1945-51

H. Otis Lanning 1952-60

Harold L. Alexander 1960-61

Gaylord L. Lehman 1962-66

Allen Laymon 1966-67

Harold M. Mitchell 1968-72

Donald M. Price 1972-94

L. Kendell Cameron, Jr. 1998-2003

Craig Richardson 2004-2005

Michael Edwards 2006-2011

Paul Burgess 2013-2017

Lawrence Powers 2020-Present