Worship is central to congregational life at BBC. For us, it represents an opportunity to lay down ourselves—our concerns, our stresses, our lives—and lift up the One who is greater than anything else that can fill our schedules. In this sense, worship isn’t done only on Sunday mornings, but can be anytime; when we break bread on Wednesdays, when we gather for family fun nights, when we’re serving our community, when we’re praying in the car.

Nonetheless, we do value Sunday as a blessed opportunity for members to gather as a family of faith for the common purpose of glorifying God. And, because we recognize that God has gifted a variety of people with an ability and desire to glorify him in a variety of ways, we offer two unique services to facilitate a diversity of worshipful expressions. Read more about each service below.


BBCelebrate Contemporary Service – 8:45am, Fellowship Hall


BBCelebrate takes place each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall, where we are led in worship by our praise team. The service is seasoned with praise and worship singing, videos, corporate prayer, and a children’s sermon, all of which lead to a time of Scripture reading and teaching. The service is followed by a time of breakfast and conversation. 


Traditional Service – 11am, Sanctuary

i-BTbN8Jk-2568x1926There’s something sacred about worshipping in the same place and in a similar manner as those who’ve gone before us. At BBC, that’s part of what makes our 11:00 Traditional Service so special.

For although we might sing from modern hymnals and make use of recent technology, we do so with a reverence for the God of ages past. Hence, during our 11:00 service, congregants are likely to see more “traditional” church elements, such as the use of responsive readings and corporate hymns. We take time to pass the peace of Christ and meditate over musical offerings from our choir. These elements, of course, all lead to a time of focused attention on God’s word through Scripture reading and teaching.

The blessing of this service, though, is that it honors a traditional style without being rigid. There are variances in structures and themes from week to week, which we believe results in a relaxed opportunity to worship God in a setting that is both friendly and familiar.


Frequently Asked Questions

IMG_2421What do I wear?

Whatever you want! You’ll find a diverse blend of attire in both services, although there tend to be more “blue jeans and boots” at the 8:45 service, whereas “blue blazers and suits” are more visible at the 11:00. 


Where do I park?

There are two main places to park, one closer to the Fellowship Hall for the 8:45 service and one nearer the Sanctuary for the 11:00. For the 8:45, most people park in the back lot off of W. Hill St. For the 11:00, the parking lot at the corner of W. Church and N. Wall streets would be most convenient. To see a map of our facility and parking lots, click here.


Where do I go?

The 8:45 service is held in the Fellowship Hall, which is most easily accessed from the parking lot off of W. Hill St. The 11:00 service is held in the Sanctuary, which is the brick building with stained glass windows at the corner of W. Church and N. Wall streets. To see a map of our facility and parking lots, click here.


Is there childcare?

Childcare is provided in the nursery at both services; at the 8:45 service, it’s available for children from birth to age four, and at the 11:00 it’s available for children of any age. The nursery is located on the main level (accessed by all entrances) and can be found in the middle of the building.