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August 6 (Paul’s Final Sunday)
TitleFarewell, Friends
Text: 1 Samuel 20:41-42
Summary: As Pastor Paul Burgess follows God’s calling to serve at Winter Park Baptist Church in Wilmington, he leaves his friends in Benson with a final sermon, modeling his farewell after the one shared between two of the Bible’s greatest friends, David and Jonathan.

May 21 (Youth Sunday)
Title: Staff Testimonies
Summary: Listen to Todd (Minister of Music), Tyler (Minister to Children and Youth), and Paul (Pastor) as they share why youth group was an important part of their lives!

May 14 (Mother’s Day)
Title: Love the One You’re With
Text: Proverbs 5:18
Summary: Despite what the greeting card industry would have us believe, love is anything but perfect.  Unfortunately, our culture doesn’t always recognize that, as we often pursue the ideal of perfection and end up sorely disappointed when we fail to find it.  But should we really expect anything else in a broken world?  Perhaps, then, our call as children of God is to love those whom God has given us—our mothers, our spouses, our families, our friends—for who they are, discovering what makes them perfect for us, while we all journey together into the wholeness that can be ours through Christ.

May 7 (Children’s Sunday)
Title: Sharing is Caring
Guest Preacher: Tyler Wood
Text: Acts 2:42-47
Summary: “Sharing is caring”—we heard it all the time when we were younger.  But how important is sharing for us as adults?  Well, if we want to look anything like our Christian ancestors, then it’s vitally important.  Listen to Tyler Wood, our Minister to Children and Youth, as he reflects on why sharing is essential for those who care about Jesus.

April 30
Title: Heartburn
Text: Luke 24:13-35
Summary: “What does God want with me?”  It’s a question all well-meaning Christians ask.  We want to please God and do God’s will, but how do we know what the divine burning in our chest means?  Luckily, we can turn to the example of two gentlemen on the road to Emmaus who, through their shared case of holy heartburn, can give us a guide for how to deal with our own.

April 23 (Holy Humor Sunday)
Title: Holy Humor
Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-4
Summary: Most of us function as if there were an 11th commandment, through which God instructed, “Thou shalt not laugh in church!”  For some reason, many feel odd cracking a smile between 11:00 a.m. and noon on a Sunday.  But would God have it that way?  Perhaps a conversation between Paul and guest caller Rev. Dr. Fudd E. Duddy can help us gain some clarity…
Listening Note: Check out our Holy Humor Sunday bulletin!

April 16 (Resurrection Sunday!)
Title: The Miraculous Normal
Text: John 20:1-18
Summary: What makes a miracle?  Is it something that occurs only once, like the resurrection?  Or, could miracles happen more frequently—could they be hidden within the life that surrounds us every single day?  It’s an exciting thought, because the power of one resurrection changed the course of history.  What in the world would happen if we fully embraced the daily miracles we’ve made “normal”?

April 9 (Palm Sunday)
Title: Uncomfortable Truths
Text: John 12:12-19
Summary: Truth is a dangerous thing.  Truth threatens the way that we live, it threatens our comfort, it threatens what we want to believe.  Therefore, we have two basic choices for how we respond to truth—we can accept it and change ourselves, or ignore it and try to change everything else.  One path is difficult but filled with grace, the other is easy but wholly inauthentic.  The Pharisees, when confronted with an uncomfortable truth in Jesus, chose the easy route; perhaps their example can encourage us to choose the other.

April 2
Title: A Disruptive Peace
Text: John 14:27
Summary: Could it be that our understanding of peace is all wrong?  So often we think of peace as a base layer upon which our chaotic life gets added, so that we have to remove the stressful “stuff” from our days before we can get back to a peaceful center.  But what if peace is more aggressive?  What if peace doesn’t lay stagnant beneath our lives, but instead breaks into our lives and is available to us even in the midst of stress?  That’s the way it worked for Jesus, whose desire before death was to bequeath his peace to us.

March 26
Title: An Open-Ended Name
Text: Exodus 3:13-14
Summary: God’s got an interesting name—“I Am.”  It feels incomplete, doesn’t it?  Yet when we try to complete it, we find that our words fall short and that no neat, book-ended title fully captures the God who spoke to Moses and is revealed in Jesus Christ.  So maybe it’s best that God’s name remain open-ended.

March 19
Title: Come Back
Text: John 4:3-26
Summary: Sometimes the Bible seems like a bunch of movies we’ve seen over and over.  We’ve read the stories, and although we love them, we know them already!  Yet time and again we come back.  Why?  Perhaps there’s an answer or two in the familiar story of Jesus’ encounter with a thirsty Samaritan woman who—like us in our constant returns to Scripture—keeps coming back to the well for a drink.

March 12
Title: Verse 14 in the Flesh
Text: John 1:1-5, 14
Summary: John 1:14 represents the turning point in the story of God’s relationship with humanity—the Incarnation.  It’s where reconciliation begins.  But what does it mean that “the Word became flesh and made his home among us,” and if we claim that this “Word made flesh” dwells in us, then how must our lives look different?

March 5
Title: God Requires Verbs
Text: Micah 6:6-8
Summary: Micah 6:8 is a famous verse in Christian faith, and on the surface it seems so simple—do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.  But it’s obvious that all of us don’t live that way.  The reason is not that we have a hard time understanding the concepts God requires; we’re fine with those nouns.  Our problem is most likely the verbs of Micah 6:8—DO, LOVE, and WALK.

February 26 (Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday)
Title: Hidden Figures
Guest Preacher: Dr. C. Lynn Brinkley
Text: Exodus 1:15-21
Summary: Hear special guest preacher Dr. C. Lynn Brinkley as she challenges us to consider the hidden figures at work in the Body of Christ and stand up for those in our world who, due to their “hidden” nature, might not yet have a voice.

February 19
Title: The Truth Behind ‘the truth’
Text: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9
Summary: Christianity should be a pretty optimistic faith.  However, we look at the many negative “truths” out there in our world and often allow ourselves to get dragged down.  The Apostle Paul didn’t allow that to happen.  He believed in a greater “Truth behind the ‘truth,’” and if we can tap into that same vision, our way of viewing this broken world could change in a revolutionary way.

February 12
Title: A White Onesie Faith
Text: 1 Corinthians 3:1-9
Summary: Growth is a part of life.  Growth should also be a part of faith.  However, it doesn’t always happen.  Paul challenges the Corinthians with the idea that they are immature and hadn’t moved past the “baby food” stage of faith.  Is it possible that we can get stuck there, too?

February 5
Title: We’ve Missed the Point
Text: Isaiah 58:1-9a
Summary: It’s easy to get off point.  That’s especially so in a culture like ours that is, compared to other places in the world, quite friendly to Christianity.  It happened with the Israelites, too.  However, when we’ve missed the point, it’s important for someone to bring us back on.  In powerful fashion, the prophet Isaiah did it for the Israelites, and he can do it for us, too.

January 15
Title: The Season of ’17
Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-13
Summary: Resolutions don’t always pan out.  Sometimes that’s because we’re too ambitious, sometimes we’re just not motivated, but sometimes there might be a deeper reason.  Perhaps our resolutions work best when they’re made in accordance with the “season of life” we’re experiencing.

December 18 (Advent 4; “The Characters of Christmas” Sermon Series)
Title: Little Trees
Special Guest Preacher: Charlie Brown, from A Charlie Brown Christmas
Text: Isaiah 9:2-7; Matthew 1:18-25
Summary: For all of his “Charlie Browniness,” one of Charlie’s most special characteristics is his knack for noticing the small things.  Perhaps his perspective could be helpful for us all, especially during a season when we remember that God came to us through lowly people in quite unnoticeable positions.
Listening Note: This sermon involves a bald cap that took way too much time and grease makeup to “install.”  For the edification of those who went to great lengths to capture the likeness of Schultz’s iconic protagonist, we encourage you to view this sermon using the player below!

December 4 (Advent 2; “The Characters of Christmas” Sermon Series)
TitleHow Christmas Stole the Grinch
Special Guest Preacher: The Grinch, from Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Text: Isaiah 11:1-9
Summary: There are a lot of grinches in the world, and despite what many God-fearin’ folk might want to believe, a lot of those grinches are in churches.  The problem is, because of the Christ we expect during Advent, grinchiness is no longer an acceptable posture for us!  Perhaps we need a message from someone who’s been saved from his grinch-dom to keep us from traveling there, too.
Listening Note: This sermon was delivered by a mobile, animated speaker with a unique appearance.  Listeners might receive a fuller experience of the message by viewing the video of the sermon in the player below.

November 27 (Advent 1; “The Characters of Christmas” Sermon Series)
Title: A Christmas Story
Special Guest Preacher: Ralphie Parker from the movie, A Christmas Story
Text: Isaiah 2:1-4
Summary: Hope is a difficult thing.  If anyone knows that, it’s the kid who spent an entire December pining for an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle.  Every time he threw his wish out into the world, someone shot it down, much like the Israelite’s hope for a messiah was crushed after each exile, each crummy king, each year lived in subjugation.  Yet hope is also stubborn, and through the baby we expect this Advent, we can know that the heart which hopes never does so in vain.
Listening Note: This sermon, especially the first half, relies heavily on visual elements.  Listeners might receive a fuller experience of the message by viewing the video of the sermon in the player below.

November 20 (Thanksgiving)
TitleThe Other Side of the Boat
TextJohn 21:1-6
SummaryGratitude is all about perspective.  Too much of our culture subscribes to a view of scarcity, believing that we don’t have enough of anything.  But what would happen if we shifted our focus to the other side of things and instead lived from a place where we’re more mindful of all that we have?

November 13 (Deacon Ordination)
TitleThe Place of Honor
TextMark 10:35-45
SummaryLike many things in the Kingdom of God, receiving honor works in a somewhat backwards way.  To be honored, one must give honor away.  This might seem counter-intuitive to many in our world, but true servants, like the one we ordained this Sunday as a deacon, know that the most honorable people always put themselves last.

November 6
TitleUnder the Son
TextEcclesiastes 3:3-9; Haggai 2:3-9
SummaryNo question about it, this campaign season has been a doozy.  In fact, at times it’s been downright disheartening.  Nonetheless, in the face of such discouragement, it can be helpful to remember that God has seen it all before.  Sometimes those reminders come from unexpected places (#hamilton), but history is clear—God is here, and that should influence how we respond to every discouragement we face.

October 30 (“The Monster In You” Series – Week 2)
TextJohn 10:10, 11:25-26
SummarySome of us go through life like a vampire—undead.  We’re scared truly to live, and likewise we’re equally as frightened of the prospect of dying.  Is this what God intends, or when Jesus tells us he offers “life to the full,” could he be calling us to something more?

October 23 (“The Monster In You” Series – Week 1)
Title: Frankenstein
Text: Genesis 3:1-5, 8-11
SummaryMost people would think Dr. Victor Frankenstein is hard to relate to—he’s a mad scientist blinded by his desire to be like God.  But if we examine our human roots more closely, we might discover that, in many ways, we aren’t all that different from him.  It’s a scary thought, but scarier still if we don’t take a moment to own our ungodly desire for divine power before it turns us into monsters ourselves…

October 16 (UNIFY Sunday)
Title: Stained Glass
Text: 1 Corinthians 13:12
SummaryOn UNIFY Sunday, our two unique services come together for ONE service of worship.  In many ways, our services are not unlike our two unique stained glass windows, each one made up of beautiful, broken pieces that are ALL essential to the church as a whole.

October 2 (World Communion Sunday)
Title: The Sound of Communion
Text: Matthew 26:26-30
Summary: Why did Jesus choose Communion?  He could have chosen any number of other ways for us to commemorate his life and sacrifice, but he went with a meal of bread and wine.  There are probably plenty of theological and symbolic reasons he did so, but perhaps a simpler possibility is that Jesus chose to give us Communion because of the sound that it makes.
Listening Note: This sermon builds on a point introduced in a BBC original video; check it out here!

September 25
Title: Can a Donkey Talk?
Text: Numbers 22:22-35
Summary: Hear guest preacher Dr. Barry Jones, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Campbell University Divinity School, as he helps us find truth for living in the greatest Mule Days story of all time—Balaam’s Talking Donkey!

September 18 (Women’s Sunday)
TitleWomen’s Sunday Testimonies
SummaryBBC members Margene Holak and Janet Matthews share messages that God has placed on their hearts for Women’s Sunday.

September 11 (Deacon’s Sunday)
Title: What Does a Deacon Look Like?
TextRomans 16:1-2, Acts 6:1-6, John 12:2
SummaryDoes a deacon look just one way?  Before nominating deacons this week, we search for where the Greek word “diakonos” pops up in Scripture and examine what that might say about what a deacon today “looks like.”

September 4
Title: Hard Words
TextLuke 14:25-33
SummarySome of Jesus’ words get repeated more than others.  It’s easy to see why, of course; “For God so loved the world…” is a much happier thought than “whoever does not hate his mother and father cannot be my disciple.”  But that doesn’t mean the harder words aren’t just as important.  In fact, sometimes a hard word is exactly what we need to push us from the edge of faith into the living water.

August 28
Title: Where Do I Sit?
TextLuke 14:1, 7-14
SummarySitting down.  It’s a decision we make multiple times each day, so often that we usually don’t even think about where we do it.  But in our Scripture today, Jesus reminds us that our faith should influence everything in our lives, including the way we answer one of life’s most practical questions: Where do I sit?

August 21 (Olympic Series – 6th Sunday)
Text1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 2 Timothy 4:6-8; Hebrews 12:1
SummaryNo doubt about it, life’s a marathon, full of sweat, cramps, and blistery tootsies.  Because of all those hurdles, a lot of people drop out.  But in the eternal power of God’s love, we can find the strength we need to run with endurance; it rests not only within ourselves, but within those who are running alongside us.
Listening Note: This sermon, like every sermon in our Olympic series, was preceded by an interview with Olympic puppet athletes; you can view today’s interview with marathoners “Bliss, Teri, and Tootsie” here!

August 14 (Olympic Series – 5th Sunday)
Text: Genesis 32:22-31
SummaryThe sport of wrestling is a great metaphor for how we meet the struggles of life—we can either run, or stay in the ring and rumble.  Those are the same choices Jacob had when he was caught in a tussle with a divine opponent.  Through his example, we can find inspiration to take our struggles head on and refuse to let them go until they become for us a blessing.
Listening Note: This sermon, like every sermon in our Olympic series, was preceded by an interview with an Olympic puppet athlete; you can view today’s interview with wrestler “Greg O. Roman” here!

August 7 (Olympic Series – 4th Sunday)
Title: Relay
Text: Luke 22:14-20
Summary: There’s a lot involved in a relay.  You have to focus and maintain a tight grip on the baton in your hand, but also be willing to pass it off with grace when it’s time to let it go.  It’s the same way with church.  How can we care for the church and the traditions we love, yet hold them loosely enough to pass them on with grace to the next generation?  Perhaps an answer can be found in the Lord’s Supper, which was a tradition that was passed down to Jesus, and that he has passed down to us.
Listening Note: This sermon, like every sermon in our Olympic series, was preceded by an interview with Olympic puppet athletes; you can view today’s interview with relay runners “Rudy, Seth, and Geaux” here!

July 31 (Olympic Series – 3rd Sunday)
Text1 Samuel 17; John 1:1,14; Matthew 17:20; Philippians 3:13
SummaryWas David really an underdog?  Or is it possible that he was at an advantage solely because he was small?  The physical world as well as Scripture testify to God’s knack for imbuing small things with tremendous power.  It’s all a matter of compacting something grand and focusing it all in on one thing.
Listening Note: This sermon, like every sermon in our Olympic series, was preceded by an interview with an Olympic puppet athlete; you can view today’s interview with rifleman “Billy Bob ‘B.B.’ Gunn” here!

July 24 (Olympic Series – 2nd Sunday)
Text: The Book of Jonah
SummarySwimming is a lot of work.  But it doesn’t necessarily ensure that you get anywhere.  It’s kind of like faith; we can spend all our lives spinning our arms, just going back and forth in the pool of Living Water.  Could it be that Jesus wants more for us than that?
Listening Note: This sermon, like every sermon in our Olympic series, was preceded by an interview with an Olympic puppet athlete; you can view today’s interview with swimmer “Michelle Felts” here!

July 17 (Olympic Series – 1st Sunday)
Text: Luke 4:1-13
SummaryNo one tunes in to watch athletes training.  Similarly, no one recorded the 30 years of spiritual preparation that preceded the start of Jesus’ ministry.  That means no one is going to care much about the “sweat” you put into your faith, either.  But is that why you do it?  Or do you do it, instead, because you love what you’re training for?
Listening Note: Included in this recording is audio of an interview Paul did with world class hurdler Kendra Harrison.  If you’d like to view the interview itself, you can find it here!

July 10 (VBS Sunday)
TitleCave Inward
Text: Various
Summary:  Caves get a bad rap.  Not to say it’s undeserved, of course; the darkness that caves house can be frightening.  But if there’s one good thing about darkness, it’s that when you’re in it, even the slightest light breaking through becomes undeniable.  Could it be, then, that God is calling us to “cave inward” into some of our dark places, examine the things that frighten us about ourselves, and invite God’s light to illumine the caverns within so that we might be more fully who we’ve been made to be?
Listening Note: In the recording, you’ll hear that there are supposed to be some slides that complement this sermon; we tried to upload them, but they were too big.  Feel free to imagine your own!

July 3 (Independence Day Weekend)
Title: Interdependence Day
Text: Gal. 5:13-15
Summary:  When does independence shift from being a blessing to being a curse?  Perhaps when it leads us to believe that being independent people means that we have no need for one another.  The reality is we are woefully dependent on the earth God has given us and the creatures who fill it, especially the human ones.

June 19 (Father’s Day)
Title: Father’s Day WORD-Search
Text: Gen. 9:18-25; Gen. 21:10-14; Gen. 37:3-4; Josh. 15:15-16; Judges 11
Summary: How hard is it to find a good father in the Word of God?  We try and find out in this Father’s Day sermon, an interactive follow up to our Mother’s Day crossword puzzle.  Be sure to download this puzzle to follow along as we perform a WORD search for the great fathers in Scripture!

Orlando: A Statement and Prayer

June 12
Title: Sorry to Disappoint…
Text: 1 Kings 21:1-16
Summary: Disappointment happens.  We have no control over the fact that, at times, life will let us down.  What we can manage, though, is how we respond to that disappointment.  Through looking at the story of one of Israel’s childish kings, we can discover how not to react when things don’t go our way, finding our model instead in the servant king Jesus, who thrived even when he didn’t get what he wanted.