Fall Spiritual Formation Tracks

As we move into another fall semester, we’re excited to revamp our weekly spiritual formation options! In the past, you’ve had one night to come to our building and participate in one traditional Bible study class. This fall we’re changing that up a bit and giving you TWO track options to choose from as you seek to grow through personal identity exploration, worship through creativity, or scripture exploration through Bible study. Each track will last for five weeks.

We’re offering each of these two tracks in a hybrid style: in-person or online (live either way). Due to the limits to our in-person space, we ask that you sign-up in advance. Some of the tracks will also have a small fee to help cover the cost of a book or materials.

The best part of this new way of growing together is that each track will be recorded and you can attend at your own convenience. This means that you don’t have to choose just one track, you can attend all three if you’d like!

Fall Semester One: Week of September 7 – Week of October 5

Fall Semester Two: Week of October 19 – Week of November 16 (New track offerings!)

Track One: Creativity

Live Option: Mondays at 7pm

Facilitator: Mandy Jackson

Description: You don’t have to be artsy to create something beautiful! Let’s explore our creative side as we worship together!

Cost: $10

Sign-Up: Click Here

Track Two: Bible Study

Live Option: Wednesdays at 7pm (The on demand version will be avaliable Thursday mornings)

Facilitator: Lawrence Powers

Description: The book of Hebrews is often pointed to for encouragement and finding joy in faith. In this letter you find a deep look at the Jewish roots of Christianity and discuss what where the Old Testament Law, ancestors of the faith, and Jesus all fit together in the narrative of faith. Join us as we move through these ancient words written to a community of faith and see what they might say to us today.

Cost: No cost.

Sign-Up: Click Here