Wednesday Nights

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Wednesday night represents the PEAK of our week at BBC because, during our Wednesday services, we enjoy three of our favorite things:



An essential piece to our Wednesday gatherings is prayer. Each week, we share prayer requests, praises, and thanksgivings with one another, then offer those together to God in a blend of corporate and private prayer. It’s an outstanding opportunity not only to keep one another informed about what’s going on in our lives, but to bond closer as a family of faith through conversing with God on each others’ behalves.


i-t6qWjt7-X2This one’s a given! We’re Baptists, after all, and as with most Baptist churches, our bylaws mandate that we consume a certain number of meals together as a congregation (not really, but it might as well be in there!).  At the middle of a stressful week, this time shared with each other around the table often does as much to nourish our weary spirits as it does our hungry bodies!



The English language doesn’t have a word to encapsulate the connections we enjoy as a church on Wednesday nights, so we borrowed one from the Greek: koinonia. Koinonia is a word often used in the New Testament to describe the intimate fellowship that is shared when believers gather together. If you’re wondering what it looks like, just join us on Wednesdays, because during our PEAK services koinonia is everywhere. We enjoy koinonia as we break bread together at the table and share a meal with friends. We sense it as we press the “Pause” button on our weeks and take time to pray for our church, community, and world. We embrace it as we study the Bible together and discuss how God is breathing modern truth through the ancient words of our sacred text. Koinonia is unavoidable at BBC, and it truly helps make Wednesday the PEAK of every week!