It’s impossible to describe Benson Baptist Church without mentioning the youth—they’re essential to life and ministry here!

i-c4tLTqj-2568x1719BBC recognizes that adolescence represents an important season in a person’s faith development, and for that reason we seek to provide several opportunities for our 6th-12th graders to grow and deepen their connections to God, each other, and the world.

A few of the ways we encourage youth to do that are through weekly activities, like…

All students grades 6-12 are invited to our youth kick-off at the church! 



i-3hWCQgnBBCelebrate (8:45am Sundays)

Our worship service with a more contemporary flavor, which takes place in the fellowship hall. Learn more about it here.


Sunday School (10:00am Sundays)

Taught in the basement by laity with a heart for young people.


Traditional Worship (11:00am Sundays)

Our worship service with a more traditional flavor, which takes place in the sanctuary. Learn more about it here.


Youth Sharing Group (5:30pm Sundays)

A time for youth to come together and connect with each other before the start of another week. This time could involve anything from sharing a meal and having a devotion to playing games and going out to participate in service.


Fellowship Meal (6:00pm Wednesdays)

We want to be intentional in demonstrating that our youth group is not a church unto itself, but a necessary part of the church as a whole. Therefore, we encourage young people to join with the rest of their church family in sharing a Wednesday night fellowship meal. Learn more about the meal here.


Youth Bible Study (6:45pm Wednesdays)

After dinner, the youth group gathers in the basement to catch each other up on their weeks, participate in Bible study, and pray for one another.



Annual Activities


5th Quarter

A Friday night gathering in the Fellowship Hall after every South Johnson Trojan home football game! We share food, play games, and watch the highlights from South’s (hopefully) victory!


The Toilet Bowl

It used to be hard to get youth to church on Super Bowl Sunday. That is, until we began the Toilet Bowl, a flag football game open for all ages where two teams battle it out for “The Lom-potty Trophy”—a brilliant gold toilet seat.


Ski Trip

A weekend excursion to West Virginia, where we bundle up to fly down the slopes and pray we all return back to Benson in one piece!


Youth Sunday

One Sunday each spring, the youth of our church lead worship in both services. This is an opportunity for our young people to share with their church family the ways that God has grown them recently, and to challenge church members through the spiritual experiences and observations of a younger generation.



A great youth group tradition at BBC is to participate in a week of camp each summer at Fort Caswell on North Carolina’s Oak Island. This camp’s got it all—sports, crafts, swimming, the beach, good food, engaging worship, and tremendous potential for spiritual growth—our group absolutely loves it! Learn more about Caswell here.


Mission Trip

BBC youth understand that service is essential to the life of Christian faith—that’s why we take a mission trip each summer to a place outside of Benson where we can demonstrate our desire to be the hands, feet, and heart of God in the world. Learn more about our mission trips here.


Other Trips and Activities

If you minister to youth, you have to have some spontaneity! That’s why there are many more events throughout the year that’ll land on the youth calendar besides what’s listed above. Other possibilities for fun include retreats, movie nights, bowling, Christmas parties, lock-ins—pretty much anything that will give our young people an opportunity to connect with God, each other, and the world!